For your convenience, most common customer questions are answered right here.
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Q: How much do I charge for a tax return?
A: I charge based on the form(s) used and the overall complexity of the return. I feel no need to adjust my fees. They are fair, reflect my knowledge, ability, attention to your needs (not mine) and training. In other words, I pay others to work on my car, you are here for me to do your taxes. I accept most credit/debit cards, personal checks and cash, but I don’t barter. Fourteen chickens don’t pay my mortgage.

Q: How much does an amended return cost?
A: If I have already prepared your return and you bring me additional information: $60 – $75 depending on the new data
-or- If I didn’t prepare your return and you need it amended: Half my normal fee of preparing your return(s)
-or- If I found an error that I made in your original return (perish the thought): Free

Q: Will I twist the rules (laws) in your favor to get you a larger refund or reduce your tax?
A: If you need that kind of help you need someone else to do your taxes. I will neither lie for you nor “twist” the laws just to be in your favor, to increase your refund or reduce your taxes. I don’t need an “early retirement” from tax preparation, but thanks for asking!

Q: Do you do Refund Anticipation Loans (RALs also known as Rapid Refund)?
A: Short answer: NO. Please don’t even go there. E-file usually takes a week or less!

Q: Will I keep your books?
A: Come in or call and talk to me about it.